Gay Idaho State Senator Enters U.S. Congressional Race


Nicole LeFavour — Idaho’s only gay legislator during her four terms as a State Senator — announced March 10 that she is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to The Advocate, it was an unexpected announcement. The NY Times reported just one week earlier that LeFavour would not seek reelection to the State Senate because she’d had enough of the slow struggle for small measure of LGBTQ equality in the legislature.

“My partner Carol has put up with a lot of stress and has stood by me as I dealt with a lot of loss,” LeFavour wrote in a February blog post. “She’s so smart and keeps me laughing through the hardest times but you can only ask that of someone for so long.”

Time will tell if the Congressional campaign ahead will be any less difficult. According to a press release:

Said LeFavour in a Friday twitter post, “I’m running for Congress because I love Idaho and we can do better.”

Stepping down after eight years serving as one of Idaho’s most passionate voices in the legislature, LeFavour said of her move to run for Congress, “This is a hard time in our nation and sadly I feel Congress is not doing all it could to set our economy right. Idaho families want to feel secure about retirement, about their jobs and the opportunities their children will have. I understand that so well. We have a job to do as a nation and we have no time for partisan struggles.”

According to the Idaho Reporter, LaFavour will face off against two Democratic primary challengers.