Gay-at-home mom: Zero to ZOOM


by Aimee Genter-Gilmore, PQ Monthly


It seems like Oscar has been walking forever, but the truth is, he’s only been wobbling around for a couple of months. Sometimes that’s hard to remember when all you see is a BLUR in front of your face (pictured above).

Hm, let’s see… what else is going on these days…?

We’ve officially transitioned into a one-nap day. Occasionally he still asks for that second nap, but usually that one is a fake-out, and I don’t deal well with disappointment… this means we have spent most of our mornings out of the house… it tires him out, hanging out with new little friends is fun for him, and it gives us something to DO (a common predicament for stay-at-homes everywhere).

When I’m at a playground, or the children’s museum, or someplace where little ones gather, I don’t spend a whole lot of time interacting with Oscar. The other moms… they’re all waving scarves in the air or saying “come here to mommy!” or picking their kids up and walking away with them when Oscar tries to play with her kid. At firstĀ I thought I was getting “the stink eye” from the other moms because I’m a butch lesbian. My kid is not a hitter or a biter (yet) so I really can’t see why they think he’s the problem.

Surprisingly, I think I get “the stink eye” the most because, when we’re out at these child-centered places, I don’t interact with my kid as much as the other moms. I wish these “helicopter moms” would understand… Oscar is attached. We’re engaged all of the time when we’re at home… I bring my kid to these places so he can engage with their kids.

I’ve found the rooms with the bigger kids have led to less-annoying parents. We were at the children’s museum yesterday, and Oscar repeatedly would run toward something on the “stage,” not realize that there was a 6″ step up to get onto the stage, and fall on his face. In the toddler room, we’d get “tsk tsk” faces. But among parents of older children, the common response to a toddler falling on his face is… giggling.

Maybe I’m strange, but I find that reaction preferable.