Gay-at-home mom: The wedding

by Aimee Genter-Gilmore, PQ Monthly


It seems as though Oscar is saying, "Yes! A gay wedding Fred Phelps didn't picket!"


If you’ve read this blog regularly, you know that we have been in “wedding mode” for the past month or so. Well, gentle readers, the wedding has now come and gone, and I am still decompressing. I really wanted to describe the wedding, in great detail, but I feel like that wouldn’t do it justice.

See, the night of the wedding, after everything was packed up and the vans were unloaded, my wife (my wife… it’s still weird to say that) and I sat at our dining room table, overwhelmed with love. We couldn’t even speak. It was, frankly, overwhelming. And to go back to that moment, and the wedding that came before it, makes me feel overwhelmed all over again.

So while I wait for the photographs to come in and work a little harder on collecting my thoughts, here are some highlights of our wedding:

  • Oscar was a champ. And the highlight of the night was when Oscar’s awesome babysitter brought him down to the reception, à la Chippendales, sans shirt (see the photo above for yourself).
  • A group of neighbors and friends showed up fit for a royal wedding. I overheard wedding guests refer to them as “The Fascinators,” and was happy to hear that the boyfriend of our officiant lent his fascinator to my mother (she wore it proudly).
  • This wedding was very DIY, so Nattie and I (and all of our wedding party, and some of our guests) were setting up the whole thing up until about 30 minutes before the ceremony began. I didn’t really settle down (or get nervous) until about 2 minutes before I was supposed to walk down the aisle. But when I got down to the end, and my beautiful bride started walking toward me, everything seemed peaceful and right with the world.
  • My dad’s wedding toast began with “Hi, I’m Paul, and this is my first lesbian wedding!” Classic.

Tune in next week for the whole she-bang. Right now, however, I have a cranky baby pulling on my leg, begging for a nap. Thanks for reading!