Gay-at-home mom: Big Bird has two daddies

Kermit Love, one of Big Bird's "dads"


by Aimee Genter-Gilmore, PQ Monthly


Oscar Rocket is now officially one year old. He’s walking, he’s “talking,” and really… aside from his normal adorable self, there’s not a lot to report on the home front. So what should I find in my morning meanderings around the internets? The story of Big Bird and his two “dads”:


[Big Bird’s creators Christopher] Lyall and [Kermit] Love were partners in work and life for half a century and in the 1980s traveled with Big Bird to the White House for the annual Easter egg roll. The most momentous results of that presidential nexus were the grass stains on Big Bird’s outsize feet. Nobody could have imagined that this puppet might someday play even the smallest role in deciding who would occupy the Oval Office.


Yeah. Remember when Mitt Romney…? Do I really need to remind you? *sigh*


As [Kermit] Love now undertook what was to be his most famous work, he enlisted his partner, [Christopher] Lyall, who had worked as a dress cutter in a garment factory before he left his native New Zealand to pursue a career as a dancer….

“He said, ‘Would you like to come to New York for a few days?’” Lyall says. “I said, ‘I only have a few days.’”

Soon after, Lyall moved stateside. Their match proved all the more perfect as they made Big Bird. Love began in a wondrous whirl, fashioning a kind of prototype.

“Patched together with bits and pieces,” Lyall says.


You really should read the entire story. It’s heart-warming, full of love, and a little bit silly. I, for one, am going to go squeeze my little baby boy right now.