This Month in Queer History: January 2013

Civil rights leader Bayard Rustin
1706 – Castration is no longer a penalty for sodomy in Pennsylvania.

1829 – William Maxwell is the last English sailor to be hanged for sodomy.

1868 – Colorado prohibits individuals convicted of sodomy from voting, holding office, …

This Month in Queer History: December

By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

Marriage equality is about love, commitment, and family, but it’s also about sexual freedom. Laws prohibiting same-sex marriage are, in socially progressive states that already bar employment and other discrimination, one of the last remaining institutional …

This Month in Queer History: October/November 2012

This November marks the 20th anniversary of the defeat of Oregon Ballot Measure 9, an initiative put forth by the Oregon Citizens Alliance that sought to amend the state constitution to prohibit public schools from “promoting” homosexuality and require all …

This Month in Queer History: September 2012

Amsterdam's Homomonument, unveiled Aug. 1987.
Let’s start things off right by wishing a happy birthday to the following queerlebrities (who seem to slant heavily toward musicians Gen X lesbians listened to in college):

Actress Greta Garbo (1905), actor and author Truman Capote

This Month in Queer History: August 2012

August has been a mixed bag for queers in sports. On the one hand, it brought us tennis player Renee Richards (1934) and the first Gay Games in San Francisco (1982). Yet, in 2000, gays were still fighting for acceptance …

This Month in Queer History: July/August 2012

Navy Secretary Josephus DanielsProof that gay Mormons are not a new phenomenon –— in 1886, Mormon Bishop Thomas Taylor lost his position in Salt Lake City due to his relationships with men.

In the Roaring Twenties, long before DADT or its …

This Month in Queer History: June 2012

1969: The Stonewall Riots, a series of spontaneous and violent demonstrations, break out in New York City’s Greenwich Village in response to a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a pub popular among LGBTQ folks. Police — who had been …

This Month in Queer History: May 2012

Girolamo Savonarol painting

Girolamo Savonarol

1497 – Following a revolt against Italian Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarol (a vocal opponent of sodomy), one man rejoiced, “Thank God, now we can sodomize again.” [Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific NW]

1763 – Two men caught kissing …

This Month in Queer History: April 2012

1870 – Two men are tried in London for public cross-dressing and subsequently charged with conspiracy to commit sodomy, based on the theory that all cross-dressers are gay prostitutes. One of the men is the lover of MP Lord Arthur …

This Month in Queer History: March 2012

1649 – Sarah White Norman is the first known woman to be convicted for lesbian behavior in North America. Her partner in the crime of “lewd behaviour each with other upon a bed,” is not prosecuted on account of being …