From the Editor

Many of the articles in the April 2017 issue of PQ Monthly center around the act of questioning, especially in the context of self-examination.

Page 3: National Map of Local Entanglement with ICE

By Melanie Davis

Advocacy Tools to Better Understand Local Law Enforcement Involvement in the Deportation Business

The federal immigration system continues to expand and grow more punitive, assisted in large part by the time and resources of local governments and law enforcement …

Fiat Latin for “it shall be!”

By Melanie Davis, Brilliant Media llc.

Allies, We Love YOU! You have held hands with us on our dark days, celebrated with hugs on our best days. In this edition, you will find many of those unwavering businesses and people who …

This is the Clarion Call?


By Melanie Davis, Brilliant Media llc.

Blood and disaster worldwide…what words does a Publisher of community advocacy publication put to ink? Since June 12, 2016, I have met with and had many conversations with people ranging from political leaders, spiritual advisors, …

Open Letter to Donald Trump


Mr. Trump,

My name in Melanie Davis. I am the Owner of Brilliant Media llc., the parent company that publishes El Hispanic News (the Nations #1 bilingual publication for 7 consecutive years according to, to the National Association of Hispanic Publications) …

A Day Without a Mexican in Oregon

By Alberto Moreno, PQ Monthly

Editor’s Note: Our Brilliant Media Team decided to reprint the following piece instead of our typical page 3. Since we first made our PQ readers aware of the ICE RAID that happened during the holiday season of …

It’s Time!

Typically this time, of the year I dedicate page 3 to the many accomplishments of our Brilliant Media Team. However, before doing so, I feel it is paramount to discuss a few topics flooding the intersection of every letter, and …

Welcome to the starting line!

“There are so many words to open with, in the final edition of PQ for the year”, I tell myself as I take a deep breath to string the following together.

2015, it flew by! Where did it even begin, and …