End Up Tales: October/November 2012

Where home isn’t

By Anonymous

Where am I? In your bed, I discover, my eyes opening to Saturday morning, all bleary from the previous night’s partying. It only takes a moment before the scene becomes clear: you lie beside me, face buried …

End Up Tales: September/October 2012

Reason for Hope


By Anonymous

I saw you. Is there any more pure an expression of hope than the Missed Connections ad? Someone catches your eye, across the gym you notice someone and they notice you, the dance floor parts for just …

End Up Tales: August/September 2012

Trying not to see through the smoke

I like to tell myself I’m over Gaycation. No offense to kick-ass DJs or the generally rad space — but in that sweaty cave of dimly lit queers “dancing” to the extent that space …

End Up Tales: July/August 2012

Grinding to a halt

Et tu, Grindr?

You’ve really gone and raised your damn Xtra prices on us? You’ve gone from a mere pittance, a barely noticeable couple-dollar-monthly-charge to long-term, noticeably more expensive commitments. Because, as the world’s most popular gay mobile …

End Up Tales: June/July 2012

Prove it

How many dates did we go on? I lost count, which is maybe romantic, or maybe a sign that you and I drink too much. Anyway, after all this, you get all bashful — “Hey! Let’s just be friends!” …

End Up Tales: May/June 2012

No ‘fill in the blank’ allowed
by Anonymous


I am all for expressing preferences, I am. When you message me on Grindr and tell me you want to do things to me I’ve never heard seriously referenced before — like being my …

End Up Tales: April/May 2012

Casual hating
by Anonymous


You and I were three dates in after meeting on OKCupid —an 86 percent match — and three drinks deep at Muu-Muu’s that Saturday night.

“Maybe this is the beer talking,” I ask boldly, the beer definitely talking, “but …

End Up Tales: March/April 2012

Fear of Grinding
by Anonymous


Dark was the night, cold was the ground, busy were your fingers tapping out a message on your iPhone. “Come over,” you type to the man on Grindr, not caring that his shirtless photo cuts off at …

End Up Tales: February 2012

Night Moves
by Anonymous


Successfully navigating post-Grindr encounters can be tricky, especially diving into the realm of actual phone numbers and empty pledges to maintain contact. Suitors may take you up on offers to stay in touch. And call. And call a …