Follow This: Feminist Fashion Fridays and Queer Video Remixes

By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

In the spirit of Follow Friday (the weekly Twitter event in which folks recommend users to “follow”), I’d like to turn you all on to one of my favorite bloggers and media makers (and fellow Simmons College classmate) Elisa Kreisinger.

If you haven’t yet heard of Kreisinger, she’s the woman behind Pop Culture Pirate, home to her fantastically smart video remixes and other musings on media and queer culture. I first got hooked via her Queer Carrie Project, a series of remixes of “Sex and the City” that transforms the show’s narrative from one of frustrated but dutiful heteros to liberated queer ladies. As Kreisinger puts it:

The original show appropriated the language of radical feminist politics only to retell old patriarchal fairy tales. Why are these women, in all their sexual candor and sexual frank-ness, abandoning their post-feminist thinking?  Or, why is it so easy to use the language of radical feminism but so hard to give up on those patriarchal fantasies?

This video remix series contains 3 remixes that transform the original narrative of Sex and the City into a queer-positive story: due to their constant dissatisfaction with the opposite sex, the women of Sex and the City question their desire, will and strength to continue following the expectations of conventional heterosexuality. While it may have taken 6 years to complain about men, by minute 2 of the remix they’ve done something about it.  They’re here. They’re queer.

Her most recent remix project, MadWomen/MadMen, Kreisinger tackles the homoerotic subtext between men in the AMC series about 1960s ad men (see an example below).

She’s also recently added a new feature to the blog — Feminist Fashion Fridays — that explores the intersections of gender, sexuality, fashion, and appropriation.

Her works has been featured all over the interwebs and in print (Jezebel, The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, Bitch, AfterEllen, etc.). Perhaps it’s time you checked her (and her many amazing remixes — including “Queer Housewives of New York”) out.

Here’s the “Mad Men”-inspired “Queer Men: Don Loves Roger.”

And a classic from the Queer Carrie series.