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Here’s the Story…

Brevity rocks! News from near and far:

> Local News Briefs
> National News Briefs

SMYRC joins Q Center to form one family

Vancouver weighs in on same-sex marriage legislation

Fundraising from Peter to serve Paul

> What does the Winter Gala support?

Local youth activist wins national leadership award

From surviving to thriving: Life after intimate partner violence

Storming Stark Street: A queer (re-)takeover

Childhood on the margins informs Ethos director’s approach to community music education

This Month in Queer History


> Victoria Lyn Miller, 1974-2012
> Whitney Houston, 1963-2012

Do we still need queer spaces?

LGBTQ elders explore the upside of change

Remember who you are: Kaia Wilson keeps it real with new solo album

Get OUT!

: On pills, Pentecostals, and Portland

Fabulously revolting: Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore dishes about assimilation, exclusion, and the promise of radical queer community

Magic Mouth, speaking (er, playing) your language

Arts Briefs


> The Lady Chronicles, by Daniel Borgen
> Cultivating Life, by LeAnn Locher
> Rain City, by Nick Mattos
> Query a Queer
> Astroscopes with Miss Renee
> End Up Tales