The National Gay and Lesbian Journalist Association hosted its 2017 LGBT Media Journalists Convening in Orlando, Florida last month.

Solidarity is a verb

How to help after the Orlando massacre

By, PQ Monthly Staff

1 Donate blood, if you’re able. This is something not only necessary now, but all the time. Frustratingly, the FDA ban on blood donations from men who have had sex with …

#somosOrlando – Joaquin Lopez

Family is everything.

It is more than money.

More than power.

Than status.

Family is even stronger than language.

It is the vessel that contains and creates who we are.

The seed of every community.

The carrier of culture.

The spiritual spiral scaffolding of our being.

The curve of …

#somosOrlando – #ProudQueer


Editors Note: Orlando was a visceral tragedy, waves of grief, outrage, and fear rippling through our circles. We gathered we mourned, and we watched the media descend upon us without much grace or thoughtfulness.The PQ staff decided to use our …

#somosOrlando – Akilah Powell

As a black a gender queer femme I learned very quickly that I will never be safe. It is something that I have come to terms with. What worries me most is not death. But what happens after death. As …

#somosOrlando – Alise Marie Sanchez

I was fine all day that Sunday…until I wasn’t. As I explained to my mother why this attack felt so deeply personal, though I’d never set foot anywhere near Orlando. Why it felt like I awoke on Sunday morning with …

#somosOrlando – C. Braddock

Likely, we will all remember where we were when we got the news about the Pulse shooting in Orlando. The reason, neurologically speaking, is that it is a “flashbulb memory” which imprints permanently because of the high emotions involved. Our …

#somosOrlando – D Pei Wu, PhD

For some reason today I am feeling a little broken open again.

Hate does cause death. **Every** LGBTQ person that I know knows people who have died for merely existing. Many of us have contemplated suicide ourselves at various moments for …

#somosOrlando – Ignacio Morenx

Sunday morning June 12th is when the news broke. Our primarily Latinx brothers and sisters- our siblings- were attacked in their own home. Their temple. It reverberated in the bodies of all the queers who have ever felt unsafe in …

#somosOrlando – Jaden Fraga


My heart is heavy.

It’s been heavy.

It is a heaviness that I cannot get past.

I cannot forget.

Fifty of my siblings are dead.

Family that I will never meet.

Fifty-three more are injured.

As their names are released, I can’t help but think “How many …