Rapper Damon Boucher and guests


By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly


Let’s face it: we’re all dirty queers sometimes. If your taste currently runs towards the filthy-gorgeous side, you’d do well to congregate at the Someday Lounge on March 31 and witness local rapper Damon Boucher perform his …

We’re here and, yes, we’re queer

 By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly


If a queer stands on a crowded bus and nobody sees them, are they still there?

It may seem a silly question, but for LGBTQ folks whose queerness is less visible, it reflects a legitimate concern. There are …

Doing the Dinah

The Dinah Shore Weekend.


A lesbian’s guide to Dinah Shore Weekend
By Kathy Belge, PQ Monthly


As I prepared to leave town for last year’s Dinah Shore Weekend, I was told by the girl I was dating that I needed to kiss at least …

LGBTQ elders explore the upside of change

Nikki (Neil) Heilpern takes inspiration from the butterfly as she prepares to re-emerge from retirement. Photo by Erin Rook, PQ Monthly.


By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly


The only constant in life is change — a truism that seems to intensify with the …

Storming Stark Street: A queer (re-)takeover

Party-goers take it EASY with DJ Lustache at Red Cap. Photo by BatchFoto.


By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly


In a city like ours, where one can stake out a handful of queer nights at venues all over town—week in and week out, …

Local youth activist wins national leadership award

Ernesto Domínguez received the Paul A. Anderson Youth Leadership award at the Creating Change Conference that took place Jan. 25-29 in Baltimore, Md. Photo by Lloyd Wolf .

By Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly


Portland, OR — Ernesto Domínguez, 23, has firsthand knowledge …