Fearless Pursuit of Freedom

By Suzanne Deakins

Through the years I have written much about fear. My sun sign is that of Capricorn, the negative aspect of Capricorn is to be afraid and to feel frozen unable to change that which is happening at the moment. The changes that we may now face within our GLBTIQ community are frightening.

Fear is a destructive emotion. It blocks us, keeps us static and worst of all allows seemingly outside forces to exert influences and control. Our survival dynamic energies often influence the fear that rises to our surface consciousness. These fears we can see and recognize and do away with in our consciousness.

The fears that reside deep within our unconscious mind are the ones that end up using our ego as a puppet to put us through all kinds of traumas and gyrations trying to protect ourselves from them. We perform all sorts of rituals, chants, and even magic trying to ward off what we feel is the evil brought on by the fear.

As a collective consciousness, we share spirit as well as our fears; collective fears such as early demise, diseases, and change. It is this collective fear that others use to trigger fear in us and control us through the fear.

Just recognizing that we are afraid is not enough to release us from fear. We must liberate the consciousness that produces the fear to be at-one with our divine nature. As long as we are in a state of fear, we will consent to many things to seemingly protect ourselves. We are mesmerized by the fear. And in this open to suggestions that are probably not for our better good.

As long as we are mesmerized by fear, we will be the puppets of those who are fear mongers. These people use the very nature of deep-seated fear to manipulate us into giving our fundamental freedoms, money, and state of being. Fear mongers keep us in a state of deep sleep and unable to know our true state of being as Truth and children of one spirit.

Within every change, there is power waiting for us to recognize and use to make a situation more holistic for us all. If we get caught in our fears, they will be used against us to manipulate us into committing acts of prejudice, hate, and violence.

The 2016 election was won by fear mongers. As a nation, we have been told to be afraid of immigrants, Islamic faith, socialized capitalism the list could go on ad nauseam. Starting with 9/11 we have been fed a steady stream of these types of fears. The answer to the fear mongers, who are trying to manipulate the circumstances, is to think critically. Don’t allow fear replace your common sense and what you know to be the nature of humanity. The fear mongers are conquered by straight thinking in the abstract. To bring about freedom, political justice, and social morality requires a fearless pursuit of truth.

From When God Whispers available on amazon.com