Dear You of Today:

We are at an amazing point in time—we are at a new intersection. It is at this intersection where we can collide or change. I have been doing some serious reflecting. Moments throughout the day, at events, on motorcycle rides and rallies. At LGBTQ events, protest, pickets, boycotts, and even over coffee. I have tried to steal a moment from each by being still long enough to observe and extract the essence of the experience, and its meaning. It’s those moments I have opened my heart to, and many of those moments that kept me up late at night. My brain combing through them seeing how they apply to life, my life, and the lives of people different than me.

We have arrived at the intersection our leaders and forefathers has prophesied, forecast, computed, worked towards, fought for!
We have arrived at the intersection our leaders and forefathers has prophesied, forecast, computed, worked towards, fought for!

Some moments of stillness are easy and enjoyable to drawn meaning from. Like seeing my mom laugh—others may just hear laughter from a woman. What I am hearing is her soul filled with the oxygen of joy, returning the sparkle of light—that I thought was lost after my father passed—to her beautiful brown eyes. I look at that cherished moment and I look at life, and then the world. I know somewhere and probably everywhere people are having the relief of this long awaited experience as well.

I am still for a moment while I see Europe mourn for her German country as that nation is both welcoming and rioting the change of this now inevitable new world. I am still while I hear the old guy at the bar talking about Mexicans taking over the US. Then I hear Mexicans talking about the “re-browning of America in the name of Aztlán.” I see the black and African-American movements pulse through our land. I see the nation’s first people stand tall though it ALL. Then all of these moments unexpectedly collide at the Elks Lodge in Seaside, Oregon USA where comedian Marga Gomez shares with the packed ballroom of lesbians at the third annual Eden PNW’s weekend. While noting our queerness and physical location, she said, “We could not have this 20 years ago, just 20 y-e-a-r-s a-g-o we could not have any of this.”

Those thoughts and moments I have been collecting and pondering collided all at once like an explosion in my head. Marga Gomez’s statement couldn’t be more fucking true! It’s true for everyone, from Germany, to the Middle East, to the US. This statement rings true for conservatives, liberals, Latinos, black, African American, Native American, Asian, LGBTQ, people of all faiths, and every letter and every color in between. Just 20 years ago we could not have any of this. We have arrived at the intersection our leaders and forefathers has prophesied, forecast, computed, worked towards, fought for!

As we all gather at the crossroad, I worry. I worry that we forget our commonalities. The fiber that makes our lives worth living. Those moments that we share that make us strong, those moments like the laughter of a healing mother. The joy of being newlywed, our revitalization when we fellowship among our peers, family, and community. I worry that we are on this road of change and while we take a deep breath moments before we push forward, we forget that we breathe the same air. I worry that we move rapidly towards one another with hate and fear guiding our hearts. I worry that we forget the joy of our mother’s laughter, the warmth of holding a loved one’s hand, and the sadness of history and how we have all been hurt. I worry that we forget the teachings of love and compassion and how it has healed us. I worry that we regress to our earlier teachings of hate and fear and that’s what guides us through the intersection of change.

We should worry because every day we see the societies’ of our world become the victims of our vocation. We should worry that at this new intersection of change it again becomes the road our global history has already taken and traveled over and over again. This brings me to the 4 letter word that I rarely use. That word is hate—its only existence in my world is towards ignorance and arrogance as they breed the most dangerous of the 4 letter words, FEAR!

We can see people operating out of fear everywhere and sadly every day. Some are taught it in school, faith, from their parents, community, and peers. Fear teaches fear, then it gathers followers, and hate grows stronger. I am a person of faith and strong spiritual connections, however, what I cannot subscribe to is faiths, religions, education, and governments that teach fear, oppression, and objectification. We should not tolerate teachings of violence and murder in a God’s name.  We should not tolerate this as we are not our forefathers, and we do not have to relive or recreate the bloody fibers of our historic tapestries.

We are at that moment where we can collide, or change. But first we have to be the change….
I hope you are equally as encouraged as I am by the people we write about in PQ, El Hispanic News, and Tankside. These people are changing the world every day. They stand strong, without fear, seeking out the new world. Clearing the road for us, ridding it of hate and fear, ignorance and arrogance.

I will leave you with the 6 words I choose to live by:

“FEAR, fuck fear. LIVE & LOVE!”

I humbly thank each of you in advance for preserving our future!

Melanie Davis
Owner – Publisher
Brilliant Media llc.