Dear LGBT Oregonians: Get Married

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

After more than 30¬†years, countless discrimination measures, the Oregon Citizens Alliance, and more activism than you can shake a stick at, the ruling’s in: same-sex marriage is legal in Oregon. A last ditch effort to stay today’s ruling was turned back by the Ninth Circuit.

From today’s ruling: Measure 36 has been struck down and declared unconstitutional. LBGT couples can begin marrying immediately.

I write this with tears streaming down my face, with a beaming crowd filled with hugs and embraces.

We spent the morning anxiously awaiting the big news at Crush with a few hundred of our favorite people. Celebrations and viewing parties were held throughout the city, including at Oregon United for Marriage’s campaign headquarters and the Melody Ballroom. At Crush, eyes were glued to the big screen television, and when news came, the emotional release was palpable. Years of activism, collective effort, very hard work, and a whole lot of passion exploded into tremendous, euphoric release.

For now, celebrate. Revel in this moment. We’ll have much more content and coverage in the days and weeks to come, including the full language of today’s ruling.