With Daylight Cums Another Dragalution

coastal columnBy Marco Davis, PQ Monthly

It’s a gorgeous sunny January day—and Dragalution has arrived. I was expecting a car full of my favorite boys to be pulling up to my house at any moment—moments before I had to leave for dress rehearsal. I was bummed I didn’t have bubbles to blow on them as they climbed the stairs to the house. All I could do was assume my position and sing a bit of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.” Becky (my roommate) and I had been getting ready for this big day for days—we love to host a nice time.

The thing I love most about my life is the deep connections I have. I don’t need to be with you all the time—but when we are together it is the best time, filled with the fullest moments that carry me through the rest of my days. Astoria was buzzing with excitement about the show. I was so alive in the moment I almost felt numb—the strangest of feelings.

When I returned from dress rehearsal, I found everyone in the front room playing Cards Against Humanity; Beyoncé was singing in the background and drinks were being consumed. We ate crab, triple cream cheese, salami, fried Greek cheese, bread and then more crab! It was a feast fit for a Queen about to make her presence felt again on the stage of the Columbian Theater.

We got dressed early; we all wanted to play dress up so bad. I have so many favorite moments replay in my mind. It is the most comforting loop. Nicholas in my brother-in-law’s first dress he made to do drag in, Andrew in those black ruffled panties with the half athletic shirt, and David straightening his seams on his fishnets—Adam in the dress that once made me look like a sausage, working it with his mile-long gorgeous legs, and Daniel in my favorite dress to twirl in with a perfect party wig and a smile for days.

The best part was all of us girls all dressed up and waiting for pizza to arrive so we could have a pre-show snack—but more importantly to have something for later when we got home (tipsy). We are all in the altar room—yes, altar room—dancing to Whitney Houston, letting our gay explode; Daniel was the belle of the ball, busting into an incredible dance/drag number for us all to drink in. The doorbell rings, there are queens everywhere—on the porch smoking, in the hall visiting, and in the other rooms expressing fully. It is my usual pizza guy (I always get the gluten-free crust with no red sauce) and he doesn’t even flinch when I answered the door and hand him a wad of cash for all of our pies.

At 8:45 we begin our parade to the theater. This may have been my favorite moment of the night. There were around 15 of us all dressed up, walking through downtown Astoria to the theater in drag! It was such a music video moment in my mind. I felt so powerful and free, owning those streets en masse and being so large for all to see. Our approach to the theater was grand. (There was already a long line of people waiting to get in.) There were so many people dressed up and ready for a party.

These shows are magic for me. The amount of love and support that is vibrating throughout the line and the theater is what carries me for months. I was nervous about this show. I feel I really stepped forward as Daylight Cums and allowed myself to be seen as the woman and performer I am. The first half of the show was classic Broadway, a gal and her supporting men lifting and showing her off. The second half was all original music and all Daylight. I went full tilt in the first number and kept the energy up to the end with our explosive finale, “Song of My Life.”

The dance party at the end is always such a hot time. Everyone is worked up and ready to work it out on each other on the stage as we bump, grind, and make out and love one another. It was raw, pure, and sweet at the same time.

I always think that some man will swoop in and just dip me back, kiss me and tell me he has been waiting for me for years and sparks will fly—I will have found my true love.  That never happens. What I get is so much more; I have the people in my life coming up to me and loving on me and telling me how inspired they are. I have people lift my soul to levels I never knew were possible in human form. I feel whole and supported and loved.

I love my life; I love the people who support me and challenge me to grow and take chances I normally wouldn’t take. I love getting to be Daylight Cums, sharing my revolution with you all, walking in stride with you all. We are powerful and amazing and we can make change happen in our lifetime. We are all worth the extra work it takes to have our voices and beauty heard. I look forward to sharing the stage with you all again on April 5, when Dragalution will be once more—until then, know I love you and I am always here for you!

Blowing you kisses,