Dancefloor Decadence: An Epic Tuesday Night Show


Jeau Breedlove, seen here at the Pride Block Party at Red Cap/Boxxes, will also be performing at Dancefloor Decadence. Photo by Adam Gretzinger
By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

What better cure for a manic Monday than a titillating Tuesday?

SALT presents an epic lineup for tonight’s Dancefloor Decadence at Rotture, calling it a “messy electropop dream come true.” Performers include Nicky Click, Scream Club, Sistafist, and Jeau Breedlove as well as special guests COLE BABY & DUBIAS.

The event organizers have provided a handy selection of quotes by people in the know in case you aren’t familiar with these fabulous musicians:

“Her silly beeping beats and breathy breathless hyper-sexy delivery is seriously avant-garde, in the tradition of Lena Lovich, Nina Hagen, The Waitresses, and other 80s new wave girl weirdos. Her live shows feature lots of parading and stomping in latex and garter belts and are super fun.” -Michelle Tea

“Scream Club borrow from mainstream hip-hop, glam, punk rock and vintage electronica to forge a sparse and rough sound that foregrounds their clever, sometimes dark and sometimes uplifiting, and occasionally raunchy rhymes.” – Under The Radar

“Femme Rap. Synth_heavy and tongue in cheek, Portland’s Sistafist combines the aggressive sexuality of Peaches with old-school beats. With three MC’s spitting rhymes that would make even the most misogynistic rapper blush, (Slap that hard dick on my ass, “cause I wanna grind on it/ I’ll hit rewind on it”), these ladies invert the rap game’s sexual swagger.” – WW

“Hip hop is one of the hardest scenes for queer musicians to break into. Luckily, in Portland, we’ve had talented queer hip hop artists appear the last couple of years — and at the very top is Jeau Breedlove. Immediate, snarky, smart, and one incredible lyricist — I’ve watched him grow and mature in a way most rappers never do, and for that I’m supremely proud to showcase him this year.” – Samuel Thomas in PQ Monthly

Let’s review: New wave, latex boots, and garter belts; raunchy glam/punk/hip-hop; old school beats and sexual swagger; and smart, snarky lyrics. At 9:30 on a Tuesday night. For a mere $5 (or $3 with a canned food donation for Esther’s Pantry). Is this for real?

Get a taste of what’s to come below, with an outtake from Jeau Breedlove’s performance (featuring the notorious duo ChiChi and Chonga) at Peep Show’s Last Shout at Red Cap Garage.