Dance The Next Few Days Away. (Or Watch a Show.)

Bridge Club’s Pride Kickoff–not actually pictured here, this is just Bridge–is this Sunday.

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

There’s going to be so much dancing this weekend–and it’s not even Pride yet! But what perfect opportunities to warm up. (Look at this as my personal guide through Sunday.)

Tonight: Deep Cuts invades Rotture. Billed as the queer dance party for the music enthusiast, DC boasts the best in indie and electro–with a sprinkle of “old favorites” and “select mainstream jams.” Sounds fancy. And if Bruce LaBruiser and Kasio Smashio weren’t enough to lure you to SE 3rd, how about this: Seattle’s letting us borrow DJ Nark for the night. Check out their Facebook event listing here–they talk all about the glory and talent that is DJ Nark. Friday, 9pm, Rotture.

So, seeing how you’ll be out late tonight, gobbling up burritos at taco trucks after a night of mayhem, you’ll probably want to sleep in tomorrow–or at least schedule a disco nap. Because DJs Moisti, Ill Camino, and Trans Fat once again hijack the Eagle for Play It Again Maricon, the reinvention of our once-beloved (and still-beloved) sweaty mess of a dance party that moved from inner NW to deep North. (The one we wrote about last month.) Don’t let the change of venue frighten you! We went to their inaugural Eagle-takeover last month and had all the fun and danced to all the sweet musics–and yes, the venue is welcoming to everyone. Moisti’s made sure of it. Saturday, 10pm, Eagle Portland. (We know we mentioned this in our Wednesday Weekend Forecast–it’s worth repeating.)

I know, I know, the weekend’s already a bit of a blur–and it’s barely half over. But, regardless of what you’ve had going on the last two nights, you can’t miss the weekend’s highlight–Bridge Club, everyone’s favorite afternoon shindig, hair-of-the-dog-style. We’ve totally been singing Bridge Club’s praises for some time now, but know everything we say is true. You don’t have to dance (although it’s encouraged), you can nibble on goodies and talk to every homo in the city–because virtually every one eventually shows up. This month, along with the usual gaggle of excellent DJs, Bridge Club hosts Beyondadoubt. Truth. 3pm, Sunday, Produce Row.

And if drag queens and dramatic performances are more your thing, you can check out “Hot Chocolate”–Poison Waters, Maria, Tiara Desmond, Kourtni Capri Duv, and Alexis Campbell Starr join forces to “celebrate their sisterhood and mutual love of entertaining in a prideful tribute to the African-American female vocalists of the eighties.” We went to their Whitney Houston tribute a couple of months ago–and we have to say, we were totally blown away. And no, we weren’t still blinded and shocked by the news of sweet Whitney’s passing. Well, we were, but Hot Chocolate was still something else. Sunday, 5pm, Darcelle’s. (And, as always, you can use the Superstar Divas next door as your nightcap. That show starts at 8pm at CC’s.)

So much going on, so totally worth the weariness. How do we do it? Vitamins.

What else is going on, you ask? Besides dancing and hot hot shows? Revisit our weekend forecast.