Corin Tucker Band Drops Sophomore Album “Kill My Blues”

By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

The Corin Tucker Band releases its second album, “Kill My Blues,” today. I chatted with Tucker before she left for her one-month tour with bandmates (Seth Lorinczi, Sara Lund, Mike Clark, and Dave Depper) about the new album, her frustration with the slow pace of progress in the women’s rights movement, and her life outside of music.

The full profile will appear in the September issue of PQ Monthly (out on Thursday), but here’s a sneak peak of what the former Sleater-Kinney frontwoman had to say about the album, the tour, and the video for “Neskowin.”

PQ Monthly: Last time we chatted, you were about to release your first Corin Tucker Band album. How was the process of writing and recording “Kill My Blues” different?

Corin Tucker: We really opened the doors to a fully collaborative process on this album, working on most of the songs all together in the practice space. Sometimes I’d come up with a guitar line or verse and chorus, or sometimes we’d just jam together on a song.

PQ: Do you have a personal favorite song on the album?

Tucker: I really like playing “Joey” live, but they are all pretty fun, actually.

PQ: I know a little bit about the story behind the “Neskowin” video [I was an extra!], but can you describe it for our readers? Is there an autobiographical element?

Tucker: Neskowin is a coming of age story of two young women in the early eighties. It does have an autobiographical element – I did go on vacation there with my best friends family at the time, but the daring escapades are entirely fictional!

PQ: Have you always known that you look like Poly Styrene, or did that become apparent after you decide to portray her in the video?

Tucker: I guess that Alicia Rose has always thought I bear a resemblance to her and that seed has been alive in her brain since the 90s when we first met. It’s Alicia’s vision all the way so I’m just happy to work with her. I’ve been a huge fan of Poly Styrene and the X-ray Specs for a long time, so it’s meant as an homage to one of my favorite bands.

PQ: Tell me about the tour. You leave Tuesday. What cities are you most excited to play?

Tucker: Yes! So many places! We haven’t been to a lot of places yet, like Chicago, or the midwest, so I’m glad we’re going there. Of course NYC is always a thrill.

PQ: How is it different touring as a woman musician now than it was, say, during the early days of Sleater-Kinney? How is it the same?

Tucker: I think it’s more common now for a band to show up at a club and have women playing music. I would like to see more female promoters and sound engineers, but I think that is slightly more common now too.

You can stream the entire album here while you wait for your pre-order from Kill Rock Stars to arrive (or while you head to your local record store to pick it up in person). In the meantime, check out the video for “Neskowin” below (via NPR).