Embody – Where my hope is rooted


Embody – Where my hope is rooted

By Sossity Chiricuzio

What do we do now? This question, in at least 100 different forms, has crossed my feed and led the conversation in every gathering I’ve been to since the election. It haunts …

Star Trends: Let The Light Shine

By Robert McEwen

The Holiday season brings many different symbols in many cultures. All most all of them are based on the alignment of the stars during the period commonly call Solstice.

Christmas  (and its timing) is based on astrology.  The …

Embody – In the small hours of the morning

By Sossity Chiricuzio, for PQ Monthly

My ancestors have been haunting my dreams.

There are ones I know, but also ones I don’t recognize. Speaking the Sicilian I never learned, reading runes I can’t translate, wearing faces only familiar in their pain …

Follow Your Bliss

Steve S. The Home Front


By Steve Strode, PQ Monthly

When asked what I love most about my job, the answer is quick and always the same, “the great variety of people I meet!” Sure, the 10PM call when there is midnight contingency deadline is both …

Deconstructing Gender (While Living It)

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

In the introduction to her essay collection “Deviations,” second generation feminist Gayle Rubin describes gender in our culture as the aggregation of “chromosomal sex, hormonal exposure, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia and psychological identifications.”

Rubin doesn’t argue, …