Chi Chi LaRue at The Eagle Friday Night!

By Very Serious Journalist Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

We know, we know, it’s a very full weekend and you people are all very busy–film fests and the return of Cafeteria at Vendetta (more on that tomorrow), etc. etc.–but we’d be remiss not to mention the (inaugural!) arrival of drag (and porn) superstar Chi Chi LaRue, who’ll be all over North Portland tomorrow night. Call it a Portland premiere.

Sidebar, if you haven’t watched her glorious safe sex video, do it now. Here. (But maybe not at work. Or: wear headphones.)

Chi Chi will be hosting a “model search” (of the live nude variety) at The Eagle–she’ll also be spinning sweet hits and handing out sweet swag, and Portland’s own Gula Delgatto is slated to make some sort of appearance.

Famous! Gula gets to appear with all the hot stars.

Before the Pop Rocks (Chi Chi’s signature party) scenario at The Eagle, Chi Chi will be at Fat Cobra, conducting another “model search” and doling out autographs. Rumor has it some famous recognizable adult film stars will spend at least part of the evening with Chi Chi, as she’s rarely one to parade around a city unattended. Cue arm candy. (But you can be hers at The Eagle!)

And this is really as good a time as any for you to revisit Gula’s Robyn tribute.

We’ll see you and Chi Chi and Gula at The Eagle–835 N Lombard, as if you didn’t know already. Tomorrow night, 10:00 sharp. $5 cover. (The “audition” at Fat Cobra goes from 7-9.)