Check Out Photographer Leland Bobbé’s Amazing “Half-Drag” Portraits

Photographer Leland Bobbé stunningly illustrates the fine, blurry line between the genders with his new portrait series “Half-Drag.”

“My intention with ‘Half-Drag’ is to capture both the male and alter-ego female side of these subjects in one image,” explains New York City-based photographer Bobbé. In doing so, the photographer creates a stunning — and at times unsettling — display of the way that gender is a theatrical display, dependent largely upon the effort that we put into performing it on a day-to-day level.

“Men and women in Western societies often look more different than they are naturally because of the incredible amounts of work we put into trying to look different,” notes sociologist Lisa Wade of the (awesome and thought-provoking) blog Sociological Images when discussing “Half-Drag.” “Often this is framed as ‘natural’ but, in fact, it takes a lot of time, energy, and money… Drag, of course, makes a burlesque of the feminine; it is hyperfeminine. But most all of us are doing drag, at least a little bit, much of the time.”

Check out Bobbé’s website to see more of the “Half-Drag” series. As the portraits are not a commercial project, the artist invites those who enjoy “Half-Drag” to donate in support of the work in order to facilitate further exploration of gender as performance.