Carla Rossi Ushers in the Apocalypse (Or Maybe Just the End of Red Cap)

It’s like this (see below), with Carla Rossi replacing Tina Turner. Gown and all. And by gown we mean Carla’s brilliant interpretation.

Before you read another word, watch that video.

Although Red Cap has hardly been our queer Thunderdome (has it?!), the parade of bittersweet begins tomorrow night as The Rossi ™ kisses her beloved venue goodbye with “End of Days: Diva Thunderdome.” And The Rossi ™ wants you rapture-ready: she demands apocalyptic couture or some serious diva-channeling. So come dance on Red Cap’s grave. Saturday night, 10:00.

The dance party starts at ten–and Carla promises a show (featuring her along with the likes of Kitty Morena and Asia Ho Jackson), a midnight costume contest, fortune tellers, scantily-clad soccer players peddling gelatin goodies–and god knows what else. Carla’s crafty like that.

All we know is this: if you’re going to invoke Tina Turner, you better fucking bring it.

Ideas, from The Rossi ™: “Tina Turner Battle Armor Dictatrix, Faster Madonna Kill Kill, Debbie Harry VS the Rapture, Walking Dead Fashion Week, Prometheus Squid Baby Chic, Black Leather Hair Metal Cher, Extreme Hoarders, Patient Zero Celine Dion, Battle Nuns from Outer Space, Hyena Queen Beyonce (Pre-Blue Ivy), Left Behind Missionaries Gone Wild, Battlefield Pat Benatar, Bath Salt Rampage Realness.” Oh my. (Please, someone pick Hoarders!)

And do not, for the love of all that’s gay and holy, forget about Bent and Mattachine tonight. Make it a weekend, won’t you?