Business Briefs November/December 2013

NoPo Paws 

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Sarah Fuller opened NoPo Paws on Earth Day 2011, making Sarah’s dream a reality.  Quite simply, dogs are Sarah’s passion and this shines through at NoPo Paws, located in burgeoning North Portland — 2148 N. Killingsworth.  “NoPo Paws’ mission is to be the best neighborhood pet store in North Portland.   My commitment to high quality products is simple:  I only sell products that I would use with my own pets, whether it be food, supplements or toys.  In addition to a commitment to the highest quality, my mission is also to provide environmentally friendly and locally made options for pet guardians,” says Fuller. Fuller’s commitment goes beyond her day-to-day tasks at her shop, not only does she donate 10% of net profits to animal rescues and welfare organizations, Fuller also hosts monthly adoption events on the first Saturday of each month regularly promotes other local rescue fundraisers and events.  As if all the amazing things NoPo Paws does isn’t enough, mention PQ Monthly and you will receive a 20% discount until the end of 2013. Follow NoPo Paws on Twitter.con/nopopaws and Call 503.477.8381 or email Sarah


Apex Body Works

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“A wellness concept of functional training, therapeutic, and sports massage” is what Apex Body Works is all about. Danielle del Prado and Cathleen Bucio opened Apex in April 2013 with the philosophy of “Functional Training.”  The Apex Team develops exercises that allow individuals to better perform their daily activities. You will learn quality movement patterns to correct muscle imbalances and retrain your body to move better and strengthen your core muscles to avoid pain and poor posture, while increasing flexibility. Erase any thoughts of “typical gym and think “YOU are the machine.”  Danielle del Prado tells PQ:  “Our goal is to provide a hub to first improve your physical strength, help increase your balance and flexibility, help you create the habits to support a balanced life, and then ultimately a sound wellbeing.”  They handle everything from nutrition to pain management. Cathleen and Danielle have more certificates in fitness, nutrition, and health than will fit here. Suffice it to say, your questions will be answered.  Massage, often overlooked in fitness training, is an integral part of your regime at Apex.  Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, and myofascial trigger point massage—all of which will rock your world! Classes start at only $10 and as a new client, your first 30 minutes of massage are free. Mention PQ Monthly for a one-time customized pricing special when purchasing any large training package on your first visit.  Located at 5816 SE Foster Road, Portland. Contact Danielle or Cathleen at or  (503) 348-6577


The hungry hero dessert co.


Were you, along with hundreds of people, at BRO’s Ignite, Friday October 11, 2013?  If so, I am sure you tasted some of the delicious desserts available, from scrumptious apple pie pops to brownies — so wonderfully flavorful, chewy, and moist — then you’ve met The Hungry Hero Dessert Co.  Alex Wilson, a graduate from Oregon Culinary School, has always had a love for good food and desserts.  “When I decided to switch careers, I knew that I wanted to do something creative. Switching to the dessert world just seemed like a natural move.”  Dessert is most everyone’s favorite food group, right? And, honestly, when we go to a gala or party, the dessert table is where most seem to congregate. Wilson has catered many of the parties around town — at Q Center, Our House, and for The Oregon Bears.  “I believe that building a business on a foundation of charity and goodwill is the absolute way to go.”

“I’ve see the smile that the perfect cupcake can put on someone’s face — as simple as that cupcake is, I feel like it really does have a profound effect on the person enjoying it.”  As a true lover of variety, Wilson loves creating tables filled with all sorts of delicious treats to satisfy everyone’s cravings.  I don’t know about you, dear reader, but when someone says they want to “satisfy my cravings,” they instantly become my Hero.  Not only does Wilson lovingly create delights to make us all happy, he also uses his culinary skill to enhance events that support causes he believes in. “My Company has given me a voice. I have met some of the most incredible people in the LGBTQ Community who have given me much hope for change.” If you are not a queer person but are reading this, don’t worry, unlike some bakeries we’ve had to boycott and write about, The Hungry Hero Dessert Co. will create fabulous wedding desserts  for anyone,  no matter your race, religion, or orientation.  “Love is Love. There is no room in life for negativity or hate.” Wilson says. Wilson’s next big event is the Winter Gala for Q Center in 2014. If you are like me, you certainly want to enjoy some of Hungry Hero’s desserts way before then, just go to Fat Milo’s Family Kitchen at 16147 SW Railroad St., in downtown Sherwood.  You can email Alex ( and ask him to make you something that will satisfy your craving! To see what Alex bakes daily go to

Alberta Veterinary Care

Alberta has a new Vet and Vet clinic in the Arts Neighborhood. Dr. Justin Michael Cates, DVM, opened Alberta Veterinary Care on November 2, 2013. Dr. Cates settled in Portland in 2001 with the dream of one day opening his own vet practice where he could bring quality, individualized and comprehensive veterinary care to the Alberta Arts Neighborhood. “I feel lucky that I was able to dovetail my love of animals and science into a really fulfilling career in veterinary medicine,” says Cates.  Passionate about finding solutions for your pets that fit your family’s budget and lifestyle, along with routine vet care, Dr. Cates is particularly interested in tough dermatology cases, geriatric medicine, and soft tissue surgery.

Alberta Veterinary Care is a full-service clinic with advanced diagnostic services providing everything from microchip implantation to dental care and surgery.  Dr. Cates says: “We pride ourselves on high quality comprehensive care; we offer digital dental radiography which reduces the amount of time your pet has to be under anesthesia for dentistry and allows for a more complete visualization of dental pathology.  We have anesthetic monitoring similar to what human hospitals use for their surgical patients to make an anesthetic event as safe as possible for your pet.  Our approach to medicine is to be as comprehensive and personalized as possible.  We understand that no one knows your pet better than you and our goal is to understand your pet’s needs and come up with a treatment plan that fits your goals and budget.” You can call Alberta Veterinary Care to see Dr. Cates at 503-206-7700 or go online at to request an appointment. Like AVC on Facebook:  The clinic is open Tuesday-Saturday.  Mention PQ Monthly  for a free initial exam (a $48) value.  (Limit one per family. Excludes services provided and products purchased outside of the exam.)  1737 NE Alberta Suite 102, Portland, OR


–Gabriela Kandziora