Book Review: “The Essential RuPaul”

The Queen has spoken.

Everyone listens because, well, how can they not? Her bearing, her stature, her very demeanor demand attention from all her subjects and in the new book “The Essential RuPaul” by John Davis, illustrations by Libby Vanderploeg, these …


Timmothy J. Holt, M.D. is a retired geriatric physician and lives with his partner and their cat and dog in Chicago, IL. He is the award-winning author of numerous creative works including the new book, Square Affair.

By Timmothy Holt, M.D.

In …

“Breakfast on Pluto”: A ’90s Trans Classic

Kitten (Cillian Murphy) leaning against wall

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

A shelf containing well-told stories by cis writers about trans characters need not be long, for it would contain few works. One exempting those with the problematic material would be even …