Page 3: Five Years Later

By Melanie Davis, Ryn McCoy, and Maya Vivas

It’s hard to believe it has already been that long since the start of Proud Queer Monthly. Taking stock of that marker of this publication’s development, I recently had conversations with our core …

Page 3: National Map of Local Entanglement with ICE

By Melanie Davis

Advocacy Tools to Better Understand Local Law Enforcement Involvement in the Deportation Business

The federal immigration system continues to expand and grow more punitive, assisted in large part by the time and resources of local governments and law enforcement …

The Water Protectors

By Melanie Davis

Revolutionaries of the Millennium

We say the Water Protectors are the revolutionaries of this millennium because they have taught us a global lesson – The lesson being: War is won without a single weapon fired at the enemy.

The Elders …

Page 3: A Message From Our Publisher

Listening to: Smiling Faces

I have been spending the last few days pouring over the pages of El Hispanic News, PQ Monthly, The Asian Reporter, Street Roots, The Portland Observer, The Skanner, and many other independent media outlets locally and nationally. …

New Faces Of Oregon Politics

Editor’s Note: Back in 2004, El Hispanic News was in the audience at the Multnomah County building, when the historic decision in favor of Marriage Equality was made and championed by County Commissioners Maria Rojo de Steffey, Lisa Naito, and …

Fiat Latin for “it shall be!”

By Melanie Davis, Brilliant Media llc.

Allies, We Love YOU! You have held hands with us on our dark days, celebrated with hugs on our best days. In this edition, you will find many of those unwavering businesses and people who …

Memorial Day 2016

By Melanie Davis, Brilliant Media llc.

…all politics aside, no one should have to die for freedom[.]

‘The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.’ – Albert Einstein

This Memorial Day I …

She stole that.

By Melanie Davis, for Brilliant Media llc.

In the October 2015 Edition of PQ, I inked a piece called ‘Dear you of today,’ which ended up being a precursor to the drastic changes that were about to unexpectedly manifest during the …


A night of dance and contemporary drag performance. 

Choreographer and performance artist Pepper Pepper stage dives right into your heart with a new and daring spectacle of dance, glitter and drag. Pepper is accompanied by drag artist and duet partner Mr. …