Belarus to Germany: Being a Dictator Beats Being Gay

The President of Belarus has some big feelings–and isn’t afraid to share them.

Way over in Eastern Europe, in the small, landlocked country of Belarus, there’s something of a debate going on. Well, it’s actually less a debate and more a public name-calling contest. And, really, it’s more of a one-man name-calling contest. And it only involves Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, who has publicly and proudly declared he would “rather be a dictator than gay,” according to The Advocate.

This wasn’t some strange, unsolicited homophobic rant (although certainly strange and homophobic)–or a case of someone getting his hands on the President’s diary. There’s something of an ongoing feud going on between Germany and Belarus, it seems, and Lukashenko’s big gay rage came flying out of the closet after some scathing comments by German’s foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, who recently labeled Belarus the “last dictatorship in Europe.”

So yes, this is basically the case of a world leader saying: Oh yeah, I may be a dictator and the world may be hurling economic sanctions toward me and my country, but at least I’m not some damn homo. Real things, really happening.

This isn’t the first time Lukashenko took Westerwelle to task over the latter’s completely unrelated sexuality. In a meeting last year, Lukashenko told the German official he should “lead a normal life.” The President doth protest too much, methinks? (For the record, many other world leaders, including former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, have called Belarus a dictatorship, and no reciprocal name-calling or verbal floggings ensued.)

Lukashenko should consider enjoying a ladies’ luncheon with political aspirant Rick Santorum.

Daniel Borgen is one of PQ‘s regular staff writers and columnists, and he can rarely get enough of world events and political developments, especially the most ridiculous ones. Hint: see above.