The Awakening: Daylight, the Warrior Queen, continues on her quest


By Marco Davis, PQ Monthly

As we step through the forest, I feel the moist moss and decaying debris beneath my feet, I feel the crisp breeze blow through my hair and between my legs, providing me with a deeper thrill of adventure. Your hand, however, is the one thing I am most aware of. It is so strong and rough, signs of a lifetime of hard work, at the same time, your touch is so gentle and assuring; as if I’m being led by the spriest spirit of the forest.

Your smell is like leather mixed with vanilla and tobacco and a lingering of a camp fire. Your stride steady and broad, I almost struggle to keep up, but the sight of your thighs and ass in your brown leather pants keeps me on your tail. I just can’t help myself.

As we make our way to the rise, you turn to me, your blue eyes quenching my thirst, your smile leading me on. You speak,” We will rest at the crest of this hill, Queen Daylight. I will answer your questions then.”

Queen Daylight?? As we make it to the rise, a sparkle catches my eye, I follow and see an incredible sight!! A table set beneath a pavilion of linen and gold, lavender and rosemary fill the air. As we reach the table, he pulls out my chair and bows with such a flourish, I do feel like a queen. Hawk takes the seat to my right and pours me a glass of water and presents me with a meal of fruits and cheese. As Hawk bites into a strawberry, I ask, “Where are we going? Why did you call me queen?”

Wiping the juice from his cleft chin, he holds me in his eyes and replies, “We are heading just beyond this valley over the coast range to have an audience with The Oracle. He had heard of your Awakening and had I left his side to wait for your emergency and bring you to him. It was foretold upon your Awakening you would be given your quest and once completed, ascend to your throne as Queen Daylight, the Warrior Queen of Love.”

“You are joking right?! How am I fit for a quest? I have no training in protecting myself or finding whatever it is I am to find… Who am I to question anything? I did just sprout right up out of the earth after my visit with the man at the water’s edge. Oh, my God, it is all coming back to me. Yielding to the water and the song it gave my soul; being pushed to the edge of everything I have known and surrendering to the pressure, allowing myself to be transported and transformed as the ancestors, holding me through their rock forms as I was carried downstream and away. Parts of me took to the sea, parts absorbed into the shore, carried away on the wings of birds and the fur of animals, photosynthesis. I was given to the whole and the mysteries of life the seed of knowledge that sprouted me up and out and into your presence!”

I rise excitedly and exclaim, “We must leave at once!! I have many things to speak to The Oracle about.”

"I feel like I am walking through the timeworn sacred ground." Marco Davis, PQ Monthly
“I feel like I am walking through the timeworn sacred ground.” Marco Davis, PQ Monthly

That said, I stride forward knowing exactly where we were going, the heartbeat of The Oracle finding rhythm with my own, pulling me on. As we step on, Hawk turns and nods; I look back and see the few squirrels and rabbits that were along the shrub line move towards the table and shift into human form. Wawawawhat??? The veil has been lifted, my eyes see beyond. Glorious to behold! As I turn back to the trail, I notice that Hawk has taken the lead again, I’m not complaining, great view and it’s the carrot I’d want to have dangled in front of me leading me on.

Our journey is effortless. By nightfall, we are making our way down from the coast range, I hear music in the distance, drums and violin, the smell of roasting food fills the air as the music and my heart beat pulls us on.


This scene is odd. As we move back into the woods, the area has a strange dark quality to it, the air is thick and moist, and every so often an abandoned car occupies space amongst the trees, covered with moss and decay. I feel like I am walking through the timeworn sacred ground. The cars are not junk, but rather monuments from the past. As my vision widens, I notice more than just cars. We are walking through an ancient town, there are light poles, chimneys, partial walls, walkways.

Hawk indicated with his right hand that we are going just ‘across the street’, I already know that. I can see The Oracle’s aura from where I stand. Its glow and vibration filling the space around us. Such presence.

As we step down age worn stairs, we enter an old courtyard that has multiple levels and each level is a living quarter. A large fire pit burns in the center and just beyond I see The Oracle, sitting on an enormous mound of pillows and furs. The Oracle is in dark robes of green and blue velvet trimmed with silver and gold, an open chest heavy with crystals and bones and feathers. Laughter thunders out as we step into the room.

To be continued….