Astroscopes: February 2012



The bad: Frustration Station is in full effect with your ruler Mars retrograding in Virgo, forcing you to “slow yo rowll” and pay attention to details. The fab: Saturn’s retrograde (as of Feb. 8) can show you how bustin’ your butt since fall 2010 is paying off and what to tweak. Hayyyy!


Jupiter, the planet of luck, is in our sign fellow Taureans! Mixed with our lovely ruler Venus, sizzling away in fiery Aries, it’s gettin’ HOT! Fully utilize those renowned Taurean “bedroom eyes.” But caution: Jupiter’s over-indulgence and Aries’ recklessness can spell “oops” down the line. Have fun, stay grounded.


Wanna save your hair/sanity/liver? Take my advice: Do NOT ask open-ended questions over the next three weeks starting NOW. Your usually sharp ruler, Mercury, just entered dreamy Pisces-land making you feel like you’ve taken crazy pills when communication goes in circles. Gameplan: Black. White. Facts. BREAK!


Homework: Women in your life may be workin’ your LAST NERVE! Several planets in intuitive Pisces can help you utilize Cancerian sensitivity and peep what’s underneath. Baffle them with understanding. Funwork: This is a great time to go for what you want and let your imagination roam freely. Translation: Get freaky.


Saturn in relationship-oriented Libra and several planets in group conscious Aquarius had you focused on the importance of cooperative relating. That was then. Saturn retrograding gives you a break on the “we” and fiery Venus in “me first” Aries is your opportunity to remind us why everybody wants “you.” Meowww.


Daaaaang, Virgo! Are you sore, honey? Fiery Mars has been riding you like a pony over the last three months. Mars’ retrograde finally gives you a chance to rest and regroup. Take it. Three weeks of Mercury in dreamy Pisces will likely hinder succinct communication anyway. Chill and bypass frustration.


Saturn’s been grinding through Libra since 2010, making you scrutinize/redefine all relationships. Its retrograde (as of Feb. 8th) gives you a moment to reflect on how much you’ve learned and grown there. Your ruler Venus, opposing in Aries, may turn that Libran “we” into an “I.” Captain your ship, love.


You’re rather telepathic all on your own but with Mercury, the planet of communication, floating through psychic Pisces you can rejoice in all that damned mental “noise” temporarily being dimmed and people just “getting” the message. Vibe us to death, honey; it’s delicious. Just use your powers for good, not evil.


You’ve been burning to be free for months. Venus in courageous, proactive Aries may bring something/someone you’ve been wanting oh so close! That irksome Mars retrograde, however, may force you to tweak the foundation to ensure it’ll hold for you first. It’s worth slowing and getting it over with.


Yup. I’m asking you to pause as you’re FINALLY starting to see results. Goaty, you’ve been humpin’ it up that hill for awhile and now that you’re near the top, take a moment to look back and understand why you started this climb in the first place. Re-prioritize as necessary.


Sigh. I know you HATE following the recipe. Unfortunately Mars retrograding in exacting, precise Virgo will soon shine an interrogation light onto your inconsistencies like you stole somethin’. If you want what you say you want, your actions need to reflect that. Stop avoiding/skipping steps. You’re QUITE capable. Fist bump.


It’s time to kick your shoes off, soak your feet, and sigh in relief. Pesky Mars opposing you has retrograded and stopped pushing you for a moment. Mercury just entered Pisces-land. Communicate through lyrics/ stories/poetry. Dig out your photography gear/paints and brushes. Who’s cooking you dinner tonight?


Miss Renee aka Tarot Chick is an empath, tarot card reader, and spiritual astrologer of 19 years based out of NE Portland. She loves love notes so feel free to holla or schedule a tarot / astrology chart session: