Astroscopes: October/November 2013



Oct. 18 = full moon in your sign. Aries represents fiery new starts. Full moons reveal, clarify, give full awareness. What new part of yourself are you seeing? Ready to move forward with it? How? Your ruler Mars slows and focuses you as it burns its way through picky, precise Virgo . You’re a fiery arrow. Aim!


A revealing full moon in the 12th house (subconscious) plus Mars burning its way through your 5th house (Romance/Creativity) times your ruler Venus “namasteing” her way through the 8th house of Pure Meta minus Mercury going retrograde and asking you to review your relationships equals showing you what makes you tick. Like … HARD. Get and Stay flexible.


Your ruler, Mercury, retrogrades Oct. 21 in your 6th house (work/training, health, habits) requesting you to review your methods there. Being in penetrating Scorpio, this review requires brutal honesty and hard pruning. If it don’t fit, cut it. You’ll root out a better way. A 7th house (Relationships) Venus sweetens everything up re: friends/partnerships/lovers.


With an “Aha!” full moon in your 10th house (Career/Public Face), Mercury demanding an honest review of your 5th house (Creativity/Romance), and “Now!” Mars burning through your 3rd house (Communication/ Processing), you may need to rewrite/redo/revamp the face you’re showing the world via your communication style, personality or artistic expression. REEE MIXX!


Um, how “exactly” are you going to afford your plans? Leo’s been on FIYAH! for months and this next leg requires some nitty gritty planning. Luckily Mars in detail- oriented Virgo helps you take a detailed look as it cruises through your 2nd house of Finance/Value systems. Side note: Mercury may rework your living sitch somehow.


Oct./Nov. starts to feel like you’ve been given an assignment involving a fast car and instructions in a foreign language. Your ruler Mercury (Communication/Mental Processing) retrogrades Oct. 21-Nov. 11 in your 3rd house (Communication/Mental Processing) — yikes! High energy and impulsiveness are full force now, so double check your mouth, impatience, and all correspondence. #IAccidentlySentThatEmailToMyBoss!


The Universe provides all you need to turn lemons into lemonade now. Planetary aspects in your 12th house (Subconscious) & 7th house (Relationships/Partnerships) will likely bring subterranean dissatisfactions/resentments to surface. Good! Pull it all up and out! Additionally, charming Venus glowing in your 3rd house (Communication) lends boosted diplomacy, mediation, and verbal prowess. #HoneyedTongue


2012 was about identity transformation for Scorpio. Echoes of that return with Mercury (Communication/Processing) in review mode in your 1st house (Identity/Persona).  Are you happy with what/who you see in the mirror? How are you projecting yourself? How/where does your image hinder/help your choices in friends & dreams? Revamp, shed, climb.


Yep, hang that Do Not Disturb sign cuz your ish is gettin’ stirred right now. Planetary action in your 12th house (Subconscious) and your 5th house (Romance/Creativity) pull you inward as your process some wheres, whys, hows and find the balance between head and heart. Ironically, Venus is simultaneously giving you charm/beauty fah dayyys! #sighpopular



Key word: Triggered. Hidden/repressed romantic and/or creative urges bubble up to the surface as a friend (with benefits?) triggers them into consciousness. Um … YUM! You may see an aspect of a person/talent/ goal that you didn’t notice before but is now hi-def. Even, for some, to the point of re-evaluating personal philosophy.


Charming artful Venus dances through your 11th house (Friends/Groups/Goals) attracting people to you like bees to honey. Meanwhile, Mercury in review mode in your 10th house (Career/Public Image) has you possibly trying to find a new groove in those areas. A great time to try on different faces and get loved up!


Feel like you lost the big picture somewhere? Planetary action asks that you pause and re-visualize some who/what/where. Creating a new life philosophy, revisiting a place/time in your past could be necessary. Luckily Mars heating up your 7th house (relationships) gives you a social life boost with friends/lovers fun it out with.

Miss Renee (aka Tarot Chick) is an empath, tarot card reader, and spiritual astrologer of 20 years based out of North Portland’s Kenton neighborhood. She loves love notes so feel free to holla or schedule a tarot / astrology chart session: