Astroscopes: August/September 2013



Hopefully that yummy new moon in Leo Aug. 6 lifted your mood and left you feeling more loving,creative and expressive. Venus entering your house of relationships offers a soothing balm to flagging relationships — making it a great time to mend fences, as well as opening floodgates to party invites. Shift in health regimens likely.



Bulls aren’t just turning heads lately, their breakin’ necks! Planetary grouping in your 5th house of fun/romance/creativity + the second full moon in 30 days in your 10th house (Career/Reputation) puts all eyes on you. Use this moment, quiet child of Venus, to SHINE! The good vibes spill over onto co-workers, too. #supahstah!


Full tilt inspirations from late July shift your view to a more practical lens, i.e.; getting things done well, on time, and as inexpensively as possible. A revamp of your initial blueprint/ timeline
may be in order and could be a good thing in the end. An unexpected/unlikely friendship blooming surprises you. #Saywhaat?


“Home is where the heart is” holds doubly true for you now, specifically when it comes to entertaining, decorating, and all things ‘home-ecky’. Your mind, however, with a grouping of planets in the 3rd house (communication/processing) is in data organizing overload. Make your world a blend of spreadsheets/sticky notes, midday namaste, and bedding shopping.



Early August gave Tribe Leo insights and a silver tongue making articulation of ideas/dreams/plans come more easily, a theme which luckily continues through September as charming Venus transits your house of communication. Mid-August-September puts focus on finances, pricing your work/knowing your worth, and building the confidence to follow through.


A grouping of planets in your 1st house (Identity) asks you to contemplate the face you’re showing the world and if that persona/image fits/serves you any longer. A blue moon in your 6th house (Work/Health/Habits) provides the fuel for heartfelt changes in health via alternative medicines/methods, and restructuring/ reevaluating your job. #Dressforthejobyouwant


It’s gettin’ real Meta, Tribe Libra. Specifically regarding the ones that “got away.” Planetary cocktail mixing in your 12th house (Subconcious/Hidden), 1st house (Identity,) 5th house
(Romance/Self Expression/Fun), and 7th house (Relationships) asks not only who do you love but more importantly; why? Silver lining: Meditation boosts creativity, solutions, attracts unique new friends.


Your hustle’s in full effect around finding balance between work and home/family as your values start shifting focus from one to the other. Find changes you can make in daily living to ease the transition. Spending time with friends currently living their dreams lifts you up. Secret crushes and/or hidden talents likely revealed. Hayyyy!


Over the next month your life, much like successful twerking, requires you to keep it loose and flexible. Mid-month planetary action may trigger unexpected plan shifts, so try not to get too attached to any one route/idea. Keep your eyes and ears open as the Universe will be speaking to you through others. #nowbounce



“Mixing work with play?!” gasps Capricorn, but you could do that quite well now. Venus dances her way through your house of Career, giving you a glowing appeal, and maybe even an admirer. Great time to schmooze and ask for a raise/favors as this corresponds with full blue moon in your finance/self-worth sector.


Irony: Aquarius’ key phrase is “I Know” and the lesson for Aquarius this month is that the more you learn the more you realize you know nothing. Intense planetary action in the 1st house (Identity), 3rd house (Mental processing), and 8th house (Depth psychology/Death-Rebirth) have you questioning/redefining what you thought you knew. #puffpuffpass


Balancing private down time and the influx of people in your world isn’t always easy. But it will be necessary this month with a powerful full blue moon in your 12th house (Hidden/Subconscious). This is a great time to get your “Ohm” on and get in touch with/unearth what’s been brewing beneath the surface.


Miss Renee (aka Tarot Chick) is an empath, tarot card reader, and spiritual astrologer of 20 years based out of North Portland’s Kenton neighborhood. She loves love notes so feel free to holla or schedule a tarot / astrology chart session: