About Our Cover: a Word about Activism and Pride

The trio we picked to grace our Pride Preview cover includes a group of individuals that inspires us. Thanks to Karol Collymore (Equity Foundation), James Lindquist (Our House), and Brian Forrester (Hands-on Philanthropy) for being excellent cover models — and …

Style Deconstructed: Christopher, David

By Michael Talley and Eric Sellers, PQ Monthly

In a city teeming with fashion, personal expression, and trend setters, I want to get into the heads of some of Portland’s stylish LGBTQ icons. To me style is not made in magazines, …


By Jeffrey Horvitz, PQ Monthly

What is your name?

Woody Clarke

How long have you lived in Portland?

22 years

What is the first time you noticed that gayness existed?

About 10 years old in my tree house

What would you consider a guilty  pleasure?

Hand crafted ice …

So Many Parties, So Little Time: A Pride Preview

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

(Editor’s note: Please note the word “preview.” We’ll have more events in our June edition–this is a more cultivated, “editor’s picks” version of Pride weekend. It also includes those who got press releases in on time.)

There’s …

All Pride All the Time

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

It was late Friday afternoon during production week, and I was hunched over my laptop, furiously typing and wrapping up a week’s worth of work; I was tired and more than a bit cranky and I …