What is your name?

Larry Lewis

How long have you lived in Portland?

About 5 years—but Portland metro, my  my whole life.

What is the first time you noticed that gayness existed?

I was 12 when I noticed the sexy neighbor throwing hay bales …

So, Honey, a Question for You…

By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly

I was reading the Internet aloud to my girlfriend Aly, as I am wont to do. “Did you know that we can get married in 35 of 50 states?!”

Now, I consider myself pretty ‘radtastic’ and ‘hip’. …

Portland Playhouse: Seeking to Break Down Barriers

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

When Portland Playhouse Artistic Director Brian Weaver, his wife, and company Education Director Nikki Weaver, and brother Michael, arrived Portland in 2008, the three hit the ground running. Within two weeks of relocating they’d found a …

Stonewall was a Riot

One of the most wonderful things about publishing a queer newspaper each and every month is the opportunity to give voice to voices that might not otherwise be heard—that is, inarguably, our primary purpose. Over the years, LGBTQ publications have …

On White Privilege

Constantly, people of color are told when their race should matter, how it should matter, how much it matters, and when it shouldn’t.

By Matt Pizzuti, PQ Monthly

One of the most pervasive forms of white privilege I’ve experienced is having full …