What happens next?

Editor and Founding Staff Writer Daniel Borgen. Photo by Xilia Faye.
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

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There are two cases in federal court challenging Oregon’s exclusion of …


By Monika MHz & Gula, PQ Monthly

Dear Monika/Gula,

I’m afraid to ask this question, but here goes: I’m a white gay man, and when it comes down to it I’m only attracted to other white men. I’ve done a lot of …

To the Sea, the Sea of Love

By Kim Hoffman, PQ Monthly

Cruise vacations have always held a certain gay mystique. Think Miami glamour, circa 1988. Wind-blown hair and short-shorts. If we looked up “gay mystique” in a dictionary, it might be a picture of a cruise ship, …

Sex Workers: The Queer, Female, & Feminist

By Ginger Millay, PQ Monthly

When people think about queers in sex work, the image they conjure often includes hot, beefy guys with boundless sex drives hustling in sweaty night
clubs. But where do women, both trans- and cis-gendered, fit into …

Style deconstructed Queering weddings

By Michael Talley and Eric Sellers, PQ Monthly

In a city teaming with fashion, personal expression and trend setters, we want to get into the heads of some of Portland’s stylish LGBTQ icons. To us style isn’t made in magazines, malls, …

Same-Sex Marriage – A chance to try

By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly

Same-sex marriage land has been absolutely wackadoo lately. According to the right, if the states were at a party, all of a sudden Kentucky would be taking off her top, making out with a frat boy …