Anti-Planned Parenthood Protest Comes to Beaverton


By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

The Oregonian reported that around 200 people who oppose abortion held a protest in front of the Planned Parenthood in Beaverton. This is fallout from a recent undercover video that anti-abortion advocates released that they say proves Planned Parenthood sells fetal tissue taken from abortions for profit. In the video the official does not try to sell the tissue to the fake buyers, but describes how Planned Parenthood donates the tissue to science if given consent by patients. It’s a frank discussion about medical procedures, and of course that is going to be a bit shocking to the general public.

I guess now that conservatives have lost the battle for gay marriage they are turning a lot of that attention onto the right to choose. Before the Supreme Court ruling made marriage equality the law of the land, we were seeing a slow and steady advance of marriage rights, state by state, over the last few years. Interestingly we’ve also seen a rolling back of abortion access, state by state, during the same time.

Sixty-five similar protests against Planned Parenthood happened on Tuesday all across the country—all using the tagline “Women Betrayed.”

While I was trying to access the Planned Parenthood site to write about this, I got the message the website was brought down by hackers.

Most of what Planned Parenthood provides is preventive care: contraception, cancer screening, and STD testing and treatment. Millions of women in the U.S. depend on their services—and these services are extended to LGBTQ people, including men. I have gotten tested for STDs at Planned Parenthood multiple times.

LGBTQ people cannot stand by as conservatives try to dismantle Planned Parenthood. That would be an actual betrayal of women.