About Us


About Us

PQ (Proud Queer) is a monthly print and daily online newspaper committed to representing LGBTQ communities in all their diversity. From news and culture to nightlife and opinion, PQ highlights underrepresented voices in both its Oregon and SW Washington-focused print publication, PQ Monthly, and on its blog featuring writers from across the United States and the world, PQ Republic.


Since day one, PQ’s mission has been to have “every letter and every color represented.” We strive to adhere to this mission in our reporting and editorial decisions, our images, our staffing, and our community partnerships. On our one-year anniversary, we announced plans to extend our mission’s geographic reach, by including voices from near and far on our blog. Our team relies on a combination of community input and their own diverse backgrounds to ensure that our LGBTQ family is well represented.

Publisher Melanie Davis wrote in PQ Monthly’s first anniversary issue: “We all have the right and responsibility to look at every issue from all sides and be fair in our presentation of the facts, and the first step of this is seeing all sides of ourselves and being fair and honest in our self-assessments. It starts with us as individuals, and extends out to transform our lives, our communities, and the world. We are all in this together — so please, let us all speak our truth with kindness and love, and make room for each other to do so. After all, we’re all breathing the same air!”

We work daily toward staying to true to our mission. Let us know how we’re doing.


The PQ team came together in January 2012 after Oregon and SW Washington’s only LGBTQ newspaper went out of business. Seeking to fill the gap in the community, Melanie Davis brought together staff from the bilingual publication El Hispanic News joined together with former staff from defunct LGBTQ publication Just Out. This blended family launched a print newspaper and website the following month and grew to include more than 30 contributors within the first year.

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