A Look at Max Blum from “Happy Endings,” Lindsay Lohan Endorses the Romney, and Biden Can’t Stop Laughing

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

It’s your Friday Hollywood update–it’s like you’re there! Except, well, look outside. You’re not. If you’re anything like me (and you’re probably not), you love your stories. And when you discover new stories, you want to gobble up every single one you can find. Such is the case for me and “Happy Endings”–an admittedly silly show that manages to be just smart enough to keep me rapt for all 22 minutes.

Today, Out magazine profiled Adam Pally, the straight actor who plays gay-wanna-be-bear Max Blum. While Out got a little carried away by calling him the funniest gay character on TV (uh, hello Cameron Tucker), they make plenty of valid points–and we’ve culled the best of the profile for you here. This neat summary is a nice start:

“Max Blum is a complex guy. He’s a scruffy, lazy sports fan with a mean streak. He’s a pigheaded friend who’s incapable of backing down from a stupid challenge. He’s tone-deaf when it comes to dating, but is a savant kisser capable of inspiring unrequited love from the ladies with a simple smooch. And thanks to actor Adam Pally, Max, a main character on ABC’s lauded comedy Happy Endings, is also the most relatable, offbeat, and compelling gay character on network television.” Like I implied a moment ago, they could have said “one of the most…”

On playing Max, Pally says: “I just try to play him for the moment and make him as funny and real as possible,” he says. “If you start thinking about repercussions or stereotypes or ideas to break down, it stops being fun and it’s not pure. I try not to think about the end result.” You can check out the whole story here.

Watch Max in action here. (Worth it!)

In other famous-people news, Lindsay Lohan decided to take a break from all-nighters and substance-abuse-marathons with her mother, Dina, and endorsed Mitt Romney. That’s a real thing. She’s just worried about jobs, guys.

And this one’s decidedly un-Hollywood, but it’s sure to make you smile on this dreary Friday: watch this clip of VP Joe Biden laughing his way through his debate last night.

Have a great weekend, everyone–and don’t forget to check out all the beautiful things you can do in this not-so-beautiful weather. (Hint: that link takes you to our weekend forecast.)