“Jewtopia” and All the Laughs

“Jewtopia,” now playing at Triangle.

If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted play to see, check out “Jewtopia” now playing at Triangle Productions. It’s a story about two childhood friends, Chris and Adam, who run into one another as adults at a Jewish singles’ meet-up. Chris, (played by Alex Fox), thinks Jewish women are hot but well, he isn’t actually Jewish. And Adam (played by James Sharinghousen) is Jewish but has no luck meeting Jewish women. Chris and Adam soon realize they can help each other out. Chris will show Adam where to meet nice Jewish women on a dating site for Jews called JDate.com and Adam will teach Chris how to be Jewish.


All sorts of slapstick comedy ensues around cultural, religious, and family dynamics, eventually leading worlds to collide. Instead of finding a nice Jewish girl, Adam falls in love with a Mongolian woman named Rachel (played by April Peng) and Chris, who’s always thought he wanted a Jewish woman, discovers his soon wife-to-be Allison, (played by Sarah DeGrave) is actually a Gentile pretending to be Jewish.

Photos provided by Triangle.

“Jewtopia” intentionally and humorously pokes fun of traditional Jewish and Gentile stereotypes in addition to showing how universally dysfunctional and funny family dynamics, customs, and people can be. But ultimately the true message of the play comes through; love isn’t bound by religion or culture, and in the end it’s not who you love but how you love.


The cast authentically creates believable characters that are genuine, quirky, and at times hilarious. In addition to Sharinghousen, Fox, Peng and DeGrave, Michelle Maida plays Adams mother, Michael Rouches is Adams Father, and Jon Quesenberry is extraordinarily funny playing both roles of Adams Uncle and Rabbi Schlomo.


The play was directed by Donald Horn and written by Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson. It runs through April 4th at the Sanctuary located at 1785 NE Sandy Blvd. Show times are at 2pm and 7:30pm Thursday-Saturday. Tickets are $15-35 and the entire play runs about 75 minutes. For additional information check out www.traianglepro.org.