The 2015 HauteButch Line

By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

I was voted the most fashionable male senior in my high school class, so obviously I appreciate fine menswear. And as a cis dude nothing stands in between me and my fashion choices except my very long arms and my very meager bank account. But really, that’s not something that rolling up my sleeves and being thrifty can’t solve. But for women and transmen who are interested in looking dapper there are different problems. Traditional men’s clothing is not designed for female or trans bodies and can be ill fitting, while women’s clothing designed to look ‘masculine’ doesn’t always capture the look.

Fortunately, that’s where HauteButch comes in. HauteButch is a clothing line for women and transmen, creating ‘butch female fashions’, owned by a butch woman. They’ve been around for a few years and are launching a Kickstarter to produce their 2015 collection. Which includes their Gotham jacket, a sleek and modern grey twill piece with a deep funnel collar, and some classic dress shirts. Seriously, if menswear is your jam, then you need some quality dress shirts.

HauteButch is looking to raise $20,000 to get started on production of the 2015 line. Now, one of the perks of Kickstarters for products is that products is that you can basically pre-order items from the new line. But if you’re thinking that maybe a jacket or some dress shirts are a little beyond your means there are some great rewards for donating at lower levels, including a gorgeous raw vintage leather wallet, wooden tie clips, bowties, shoes, suspenders, hats, and tees.

Bowties and suspenders? It’s made for our city.

How we dress is an important part of gender expression. People want to wear the clothes that make them feel good, give them confidence as they move through the world. HauteButch is filling an overlooked niche in the fasion world.

Check out their Kickstarter.